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CSFES Shows Headlines about Abuse of Exchange Students in USA

CALIFORNIA — November 5, 2005 — Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students (CSFES), a voluntary organization safeguarding the interests of the exchange students in the United States, has stepped up its efforts to enlighten the foreign students of their rights and plug the holes in the system that have led to abuse of many exchange students at the homes of their host parents.

“Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students (CSFES) posts Child Safety Measures. CSFES urges the student exchange community to make available these safeguards for foreign exchange students”, says a CSFES press release.

“For decades, foreign exchange students have had nowhere to turn for information when they are victimized. This information will empower these teenagers by providing a victim services helpline, 1-800-394-2255, to victims of any crime, and will connect the student to a translation service when necessary to take calls in as many as 180 languages”, the press release says.

The news headlines outlining the continuing abuse of foreign exchange students which prompted the formation of CSFES can be found by visiting

The CSFES website also gives contact details and other useful information for the exchange students.


Dear Mr. Tong, Thank you for your recent appearance on my show to talk about the Michael Jackson verdict and the troubling situations false accusations of sexual abuse can make. The Jackson story was too frequently played for laughs but you presented the elements that really mattered.

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