THIS PAGE DEDICATED TO: false abuse allegations as well as false allegations of child sexual assault.
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ASHES to ASHES… Families to Dust

Child abuse books

Families to Dust
(false accusations of child abuse…)

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“ASHES to ASHES… Families to Dust is a realistic view on child abuse in the world today. The truth is scary and Dean Tong writes it like it is so. ASHES to ASHES makes you stop and think about the way you have or are now, raising your children. Anyone going through a divorce or separation should read this book… you won’t be sorry! Don’t be a victim!”

Christy Hernandez,

* * *

“ASHES to ASHES… blows the lid off false allegations of child abuse. So before you give up in the face of sanctimonious ‘justice’ and unrelenting persecutions, and plea-bargain your rights (and your future) away, read this book. You’ll be glad you did.”

Loompanics Unlimited, Publishers
(Winter 1997 Catalog)

ASHES to ASHES… Families to Dust is a must among child abuse books. It is a hard hitting reference handbook for parents, attorneys, therapists, educators and students, concerned with the popular trend, but unpopular issue, of false child abuse allegations.

Has our child “protection” system become a cattle-like herding industry? Are legitimate child abuse complaints neglected due to a plethora of unfounded reports? Where would one turn to find the ‘Wal-Mart’ sself-help guide to false accusations of child abuse?

ASHES to ASHES (false accusations of child abuse…) will answer these questions and more. It is the sequel to Tong’s groundbreaking 1992 book, Don’t Blame ME, Daddy.

Complete with case law citations, national attorney listings, defense flow charts and Internet website and email addresses, ASHES to ASHES… is the “all in one pocket guide” for parents and attorney’s embroiled in SAID and other false accusation cases.

“ASHES to ASHES… Families to Dust is a powerful and compelling expose that is the training manual for the defense. Dean Tong offers sage advice as well as a compendium of family rights organizations, attorneys, case law and even internet on-line resources. In his goal to ensure women and children are protected from real abusers, Mr. Tong proceeds to light the path to fairness.

This reviewer found an ‘eye-opener’ of a book that exposes the misuse of our child abuse laws. In this reviewers opinion, this book is a must read!”

Richard Fuller, Senior Editor,
Metaphysical Reviews, September ’98



“In this carefully written book, people who are innocent of accusations of abuse are often confused as how to fight back. This book tells them how.”

Children’s Rights Council
(Summer 1997)


“All social service libraries, social work library schools, and public library systems should have this title.”

MidWest Book Review


“ASHES to ASHES… presents a compendium of compellingly told stories of people who feel violated by the very system charged with their protection. Powerful.”

Stephen Ceci, Ph.D.,
Co-Author of Jeopardy in the Courtroom


“No family or lawyer should be without this book if divorce is contemplated or sole or joint custody is requested from the court.”

Leroy Schultz, ACSW, Emeritus Professor,
West Virginia University

Distributors: Barnes and Noble, Baker and Taylor, Quality and Unique Books, and Loompanics Unlimited, Publishers.

Families to Dust”

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