THIS PAGE DEDICATED TO: false abuse allegations as well as false allegations of child sexual assault.
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Dean Tong, MSc., CFC


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Master of Science (MSc.) Degree in Psychology and the Law in Child Forensic Studies from the Universities of Portsmouth/Leeds in the United Kingdom in England under the direction of Professor Ray Bull, Ph.D (2006). Masters Thesis entitled the Penile Plethysmograph, Abel Assessment for Sexual Interest, and MSI-II: Are They speaking the Same Language? This thesis has been redacted and is a published peer-reviewed scientific journal article under the same Title in Taylor and Francis’ May – June 2007 issue of The American Journal of Family Therapy. Bachelor of Science in Biology and Pre-Medicine with minor in psychology from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts USA (1979); Dean’s List.


Conference Presentations Attended:

July 2014: Webinar – National Center for Evidence Based Practice in Child Welfare concentrated on Trauma and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

October 2004: Attended a two-day workshop given by David Martindale, Ph.D. entitled: “Conducting Child Custody Evaluations – Legal, Ethical, and Clinical Issues.” Completed 12.0 hours of training at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida

October 2004: Attended an all day workshop given by Kathryn Kuehnle, Ph.D. entitled: “Complex Child Custody Evaluations Involving Allegations of Incest and Abuse.” Completed 6.0 hours of training at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida

September 2001: Attended a one day DCF Dependency Court Improvement Summit in Orlando, Florida

February 2000: Attended an all day workshop given by Stephen Ceci, Ph.D., titled – “Preserving the Reliability of Children’s Testimonies.” 7.0 CEU’s at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida.

From 1993 – 2008, I have attended and presented scores of workshops and plenary sessions dealing with divorce, child custody, BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome), SAID (Sexual Allegations In Divorce) Syndrome, and children’s suggestibilities/memories in Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Florida, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Washington, and Canada.

Presented at the CRC (Children’s Rights Council) in 1993, 1994, 1996, 1999, 2001, and 2002.
Conference Presentations Given:

American Board of Vocational Experts: San Antonio, Texas. March 21, 2015; Maintaining Credible Testimony when Psychological/Physiological Illnesses are Prominent. Invited Speaker.
Tampa Tea Party: Tampa, Florida. April 11, 2015; Child Abuse and the Accused: The Law, the Science and the Reality. Invited Keynote Speaker.



Certified Forensic Consultant (CFC) – 2014 – American College of Forensic Examiners Institute (ACFEI)


Qualifications and Experience:

Dean Tong is an internationally noted author, certified forensic consultant, certified child forensic interviewer and expert witness, concentrating in the areas of high-conflict divorce, child custody, abuse accusations, albeit, sexual or physical child abuse, domestic violence, et al, Parental Alienation, and Sexual Allegations In Divorce (SAID). Mr. Tong has tendered testimony as an expert witness in cognitive child developmental psychology and best practice forensic child interview methods, as well as the handling/mis-handling of protective investigations by CPS and the Police et al. He has tendered and testified as an expert witness in civil and criminal court cases from 15 States in the USA. Courts have accepted Tong’s testimony in the areas of cognitive child developmental psychology; best practices methodology of forensic child interviews of children allegedly abused on DVD, Video, Audio, or transcript; signs and symptoms of truly abused versus non-abused children, source monitoring and proper versus improper CPS/ Police child abuse investigations, SAID, Parental Alienation, Munchausen Disorder By Proxy (known now in the DSM-5 as Factitious Disorder Imposed Upon Another or Pediatric Condition Falsification), Sexual deviancy/interest testing and profiling, de facto/de novo Sexual Abuse Treatment Program (SATP) counseling, and critique of child custody evaluations and reports.

He has consulted on protracted divorce, custody and abuse-related cases for 25 years. He’s worked Court cases from all 50 United States. And his services have been granted by Judges in several Juvenile Dependency and Criminal Court cases across America who don’t have the financial means to bring him into a case so the Courts order The State to pay his fees.

Of significance to protective parents and mothers who have lost child custody or may lose child custody in the future due to alleged false allegations of abuse, coaching, parental alienation, or Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (Factitious Disorder by Proxy) or Malingering, et al Mr. Tong has been retained to assist like mothers and their attorneys in several of these cases, nationally. Please visit and type in Dean Tong in the search box. Dean Tong was a media commentator during the trials and tribulations of Kobe Bryant (2004 – MSNBC), and Michael Jackson (2005 – FOX News and Court-TV). Tong has additionally appeared on Dateline, ABC Prime Time Live and CBS 48 Hours. He has authored 3 books, a scientific peer-reviewed journal article, and contributed book chapters and a Foreward in other published works.



Dean Tong’s third book Elusive Innocence: Survival Guide for the Falsely Accused received recognition in a professional journal article – The American Journal of Family Therapy May/June issue 2006 published by Francis & Taylor Group (Routledge) – In addition, Tong’s work and web site was referenced and quoted in the recently published 2006 anthology “Child Abuse” in Gale and Thomson’s Current Controversies Series. Dean Tong and his critically acclaimed work Elusive Innocence have received mention by Dr. Gordon Finley, Professor of Psychology at Florida International University in Miami, in the following article within the following Treatise: Finley, G.E. (2003). Father – Child Relationships Following Divorce. In J.R. Miller, R.M. Lerner, L.B. Schiamberg, & P.M. Anderson (Eds). Encyclopedia of Human Ecology, Volume 1: A –H. Santa Barbara: ABC- CLIO, pp. 291 – 293.

Dean Tong and his book Elusive Innocence have been referenced by William Eddy, Esq., LCSW in his 2003 published book “Splitting: Protecting Yourself While Divorcing a Borderline or Narcissist.” Attorney Eddy says of Elusive Innocence on page 131 in Splitting – “This is an excellent book for those who  have been falsely accused of child sexual abuse in divorce, with many case examples and numerous resources.”

Dean Tong is the author of 3 books: Elusive Innocence: Survival Guide For The Falsely Accused (Huntington House, 2002); ASHES to ASHES… Families to Dust (FamRights Press, 1997); and Don’t Blame ME, Daddy (Hampton Roads, 1992). In addition, Mr. Tong is a Contributor to the Booklet Love & Loathing: Protecting Your Mental Health & Legal Rights When Your Partner Has Borderline Personality Disorder (Eggshells Press, 2000), author of the monograph – Pitfalls When Divorcing a BPD Spouse, and Creator of the taped series’ – Sexual Allegations in the 90’s and In Fear of Fathers.

Dean Tong is the author of a scientific peer reviewed journal article titled “The Penile Plethysmograph, Abel Assessment for Sexual Interest and MSI-II: Are They Speaking the Same Language?” published by Taylor and Francis in their May – June 2007 issue of The American Journal of Family Therapy. On January 13, 2009 Tong’s study and article was cited and quoted by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals for Western Wisconsin in the case of The United States of America v. Bruce J. Rhodes (Case No. 07-3953) referencing the Penile Plethysmograph. The exact scientific citation for Tong’s article is:

The American Journal of Family Therapy, 35:187-202, 2007
Copyright Taylor & Francis Group, LLC
ISSN: 0192-6187 print / 1521-0383 online
DOI: 10.1080/01926180701226762

Dean Tong is also an online Op-Ed Columnist at and Mr. Tong authored an important article published in the 2008 Summer issue of the international magazine In Search Of Fatherhood. Titled Fatherhood Crisis: A Time of Nightmare, Daylight and Redemption, Tong takes a hard look at both the problems facing fatherhood and possible solutions to fix the same over the past 40 years. And, Tong wrote the Foreword to the book I’m Going to be a Dad: Now What? (Atlantic Publishing Group, 2009).



Child Maltreatment and Family Law Section of the APA (Division 37)
American Psychology and Law Society of the APA (Division 41)
American College of Forensic Examiners Institute – CFC (ACFEI)
Thomson Reuters Expert Witness Services (TREWS) – A Division of the Westlaw Round Table Group
Academy of Behavior Profiling: Affiliate Member of Forensic Section
Metropolitan Registries
Children’s Rights Council – Washington, D.C.
International Speakers Network – Lifetime Member



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Awards & Significant Events:

National Council of American Executives – 2014 Elite American Executive
Global interview for college-based audience on “Forensics” at
Expert Commentator for Casey Anthony Case – 2011 (Orlando Sentinel – Anthony
Collarossi, Reporter)
FOX News Radio Legal Analyst
Media Commentator in Michael Jackson Case for Court-TV- 2005
Trial/Media Consultant for Bridget Marks’ Case – 2004
National Wall of Tolerance sponsored by Rosa Parks
Legal and Media Consultant for Elian Gonzalez Case
Media Commentator for other following high-profile cases:
Duke University Rape Scandal
Congressman Mark Foley Scandal
Kobe Bryant
Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal
Paula Poundstone
Megan’s Law
Michael Jackson (1993 & 2003-2005)
Woody Allen
Who’s Who in Medicine & Healthcare
Dept. of Health & Rehabilitative Services – Florida
American Coalition for Fathers & Children
Mayor Ed Austin – Jacksonville, Florida
Northwest Child Abuse Defense Resource Center
Candidate for Florida State House in 1994
Testified in precedent setting ‘prospective child abuse’ case in 1992
in Clay County, Florida – In The Interest of S.S.J.



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Updated April 2015