THIS PAGE DEDICATED TO: false abuse allegations as well as false allegations of child sexual assault.
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Sexual Allegations in the ’90s

Tools YOU can use

Nobody is exempt from being accused of sexual impropriety, albeit child abuse, sexual harassment, “repressed” memories, etc. Scores of high-profile cases depicting accuseds, such as Justice Thomas, Woody Allen, Bob Barker, Cardinal Bernardin and football star Michael Irvin, have shocked the world this past decade.

See and hear Dean Tong, creator of the one-hour video/audio series Sexual Allegations in the ’90s: Tools You Can Use. Tong arms the CEO/parent with Dos and Don’ts in the workplace/home. And offers invaluable advice to those whose “hands may wander,” or whose tender bath may be their ticket to prison.

Don’t fall victim to “He said – She said – They said…” Dean Tong’s advice on tape is an excellent forewarner and forearmer for those being falsely accused for domestic violence & sexual harassment!

Sexual Allegations

“These tapes, in conjunction with Tong’s books, are musts for any attorney who handles sex abuse cases.”

Dennis Levin, Esq.
Attorney-At-Law, Cleveland, OH

“The information in your seminar and book is far more valuable than anything I have seen and taught in law schools.”

Charles Suphan,
Attorney-At-Law, Little Rock, AR


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