THIS PAGE DEDICATED TO: false abuse allegations as well as false allegations of child sexual assault.
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Noted author and forensic trial consultant,false allegations trial expert and child abuse expert Dean Tong holds a Master of Science Degree in Child Forensic Studies in psychology and the law (2006). Recently, Tong received his Post-Graduate Degree from the University of Portsmouth/Leeds in the UK in England. His 47 page thesis was entitled – The Penile Plethysmograph, Abel Assessment for Sexual Interest and MSI-II: Are They Speaking the Same Language? Tong’s Masters Thesis has been redacted and accepted for publication in the May – June 2007 issue of The American Journal of Family Therapy published by Routledge (Francis & Taylor Group). In addition, Tong holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and Pre-Medicine with a minor in psychology from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts (1979).

As a result of Tong’s recent educational achievement, combined with his multiple publications and vast years of experience in trial consulting in contested child custody and abuse cases, Dean Tong now offers expert courtroom testimony for attorneys and parents pro se in the following areas of social science and psychology:

Cognitive Child Development – Mr. Tong can review and critique CAC/CPT/CPS forensic interviews of children allegedly abused on tape or transcript. He examines tapes/transcripts to ensure “structured interviews” were conducted, free from contamination or taint by introducing things such as guided imagery, stereotype induction, scripting, suggestive and leading questions, closed-ended versus open-ended questions, positive reinforcement, anatomically “correct” dolls, anatomically “correct” drawings, or anatomically “correct” puppets. Mr. Tong can analyze the science applied to your case in court to glean if alternative hypotheses are viable and source misattribution errors were made. And he can testify to the correct science as it applies to the correct law in your case at Frye/Daubert Hearings, which includes referencing the most current Learned Treatise-type articles and books.


CPS/Police Policies & Training Manuals – Mr. Tong can review and critique CPS/Police reports and adherence to their own published policies and procedures, or not so, and testify to same in court.


Parental Alienation/SAID – Mr. Tong can review and critique court documents, and testify to findings in your case that are consistent with Parental Alienation (PA) and/or Sexual Allegations In Divorce (SAID).


Sexual Deviancy – Mr. Tong can review and critique court documents, and recommend specialty psychosexual testing to rule in or out sexual deviancy. In a new scientific study published in the May – June 2007 issue of The American Journal of Family Therapy, author Dean Tong correlates accused child molesters and their sexual interest propensities with respect to psychosexual testing of the same – (Click Here)


Other Specialty Testing – Mr. Tong can review and critique court documents, and recommend other specialty tests to be administered in cases of alleged physical child abuse including Shaken Baby Syndrome, alleged domestic violence, alleged Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy, and alleged Borderline Personality Disorder. In addition, he can opine on recommended specialty tests in cases of alleged child-on-child abuse, sexual or otherwise.


Please consider watching this newly created 15 minute video on Sexual Allegations In Divorce (SAID), Parental Alienation, Child victim hearsay, Child suggestibility, and a blueprint for the defense on how to help wounded innocents defeat unfounded and false child accusations of child sexual abuse, et al – . The information articulated in the video is authored by Dean Tong and the commentator in the same is Attorney Lawrence DeMarco from Pennsylvania.

Mr. Tong encourages attorneys representing parents, men, women, and/or children, and parents representing themselves, in juvenile, family, criminal, and administrative court cases, nationally, to consider retaining him as an expert witness in any of the aforementioned bulleted areas above. Mr. Tong has been admitted and tendered as an expert witness in civil cases from W. Virginia, Iowa, Tennessee, and Kentucky, and in a criminal case from Georgia, as well as proffering testimony at a criminal trial in Florida. Please click here for his CV. He welcomes attorneys from Daubert and Frye States to subject him to voir dire and challenge the findings of social workers, therapists, and counselors with Masters Degrees, nationally. Mr. Tong will accept queries and cases from public defenders representing indigent clients at discounted rates. It would behoove counsel to read Mr. Tong’s widely-read book – Elusive Innocence before engaging him. A recent professional review of his critically acclaimed book can be found HERE. Please click here to see a sample Expert Services Retainer Agreement.

In May of 2008 Dean Tong tendered as an expert witness for the defense in the criminal case of the State of Georgia v. Eric Lamar Jones. Tong tendered in the general areas of false child sexual abuse allegations and proper versus improper forensic interview protocols of children allegedly molested. In addition, Tong has tendered and testified in juvenile/family court in the general area of false child sex abuse accusations, proper v. improper (tainted) forensic child interviews of children allegedly molested and the SAID Syndrome in the following states – Iowa, Tennessee and W. Virginia.

What They’re Saying About Dean Tong?

Mr. Tong – “I was very pleased with your Forensic Advisory Report and its thoroughness. I was pleasantly surprised at the fact you provided me with a possible motivation for the other ex-husband to participate in these allegations. Thank you!”

Carolyn Garber, Esq. Assistant. Public Defender
[email protected]

“Bottom line, Dean knows this stuff, probably better than anyone in the country, regardless of the issues in the case. Dean was always two steps ahead of everyone else in the courtroom. His contributions before and during trial were incredible. He is well versed with all of the scientific research and case law. Frankly, there is no better consultant for a child sex abuse case than Dean. If your client has the ability to hire Dean than by all means do so. Mr. Tong works his cases very industriously. Your client will get their money’s worth and more. I recommend Dean without reservation.”

Paul Stuckle, Esq., Attorney-at-Law.
[email protected]

“Judge Feeley accepted your testimony as an expert and it was most beneficial to the Gallos in demonstrating to the Court that the forensic interview was not properly conducted and that the rush to judgment was based merely on allegations of child abuse, and that it was grossly inappropriate. Judge Feeley indicated from the bench that he intended to study the DVD of the forensic interview carefully and repeatedly opined based upon issues raised in your testimony.”

Robert Riley, Esq.
[email protected]

“I have worked with Dean Tong on several cases. I have used him as a strategist and as an expert witness. He is a great witness. He has such a heart and is so compassionate about parent rights. He is extremely knowledgeable about his areas of expertise. He communicates regularly. He does his homework and is very prepared. I appreciate the fact that he is very direct – you don’t have to guess what he is thinking or how he feels or what he thinks you should do. Also, Judges have no doubt as to what he is recommending because he is brave and bold to make statements regarding his research and thoughts. He is extremely honest. If he feels there is a weakness in your case he will let you know, and if asked about that weakness on the witness stand, he is honest which gives him great credibility with the courts. I hope I have many more opportunities to work with Dean, and hope you are able to work with him as well.”

Lanis L. Karnes,
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“Dean – You were of great assistance. As you know, I used a lot of your verbage in my closing argument.”

Ted Stokes, Esq.
[email protected]

“Dean Tong is very knowledgeable and has been a godsend for my case.”

Bridget Marks (As Seen on Dr. Phil)
[email protected]

“Your work was the deciding factor.”

Mark Bockstein, Esq., Criminal Defense Attorney, S. Florida
[email protected]

“Dean Tong should receive an award for exceptional service in protecting the innocent and helping children by allowing them the opportunity to maintain meaningful contact with their falsely accused parent.”

Timothy L. Lapointe, Attorney at Law
Mason City, Iowa
[email protected]

“Navigating yourself through treacherous waters at night is dangerous and should be left to professionals only. With a false allegation on the table, not having a Forensic Consultant guiding your ship is just as dangerous (legal suicide). Mr. Tong was with me every step of the way and always took the time to help me understand. Thank you Dean Tong for all you do. I have my family back!”

Rick Anderson
New Port Richey, Florida
[email protected]

Dean Tong – The Expert at what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s truth, and what’s justice. “Not all experts are created equal.” Call Mr. Tong for hearing/trial availability and fee schedule at 727-819-3993 (office), or 813-417-5362 (cell).