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Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence, Again!

Wrongly accused… falsely accused of abuse.

On January 28, 2008 Dean Tong’s lifelong journey, from victim to expert, relative to false abuse allegations, came full circle. Once again, Tong was falsely accused of abuse, this time by his second wife of alleged domestic violence as they were heading to divorce court. Not only did the Sate of Florida Nolle Prosse Tong’s criminal information (see below), his charges were expunged and record was sealed (read below). And the Judge in his Divorce Case made a finding of fact and conclusion of law on the record Tong was falsely accused of domestic violence (read below). When you read over the feminist blogs and few news stories on the internet tapping Tong an abuser, a wife beater, a so-called “expert,” et al, Please look at the facts and be objective!

Dean Tong was falsely accused, himself, of sexual battery on a minor child (a felony) in 1985/1986, and of domestic battery and tampering with a witness to evade prosecution in 2008 (a felony).



The truth lies right here in the court documents!

Dean Tong was wrongly accused, falsely accused of abuse, again, and these following documents speak volumes!

July 11, 2008 author, trial consultant and expert Dean Tong was cleared of all criminal charges by the State of Florida. Tong was falsely accused and wrongly arrested for domestic abuse and tampering with a witness on January 28, 2008 and now has been fully vindicated 

Read about Tong’s recent criminal exoneration.
And, please peruse Tong’s Video Press Conference outside the Tampa Courthouse the day of his 52nd Birthday

January 2009 – Dean Tong has been criminally cleared and had his record expunged and sealed after being falsely accused and wrongly arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence and felony obstruction of justice back in January 2008 – 

In January of 2009, Tong’s Divorce Judge in Hillsborough County, Tampa, Florida, Judge Stoddard, made a finding of fact and conclusion of law within the same that his to be estranged wife falsely accused him of domestic violence for which he was arrested for but to which the State of Florida dismissed all charges against him. This was the second time in a span of almost 25 years that Tong was wrongly arrested for felony alleged abuse charges.


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