THIS PAGE DEDICATED TO: false abuse allegations as well as false allegations of child sexual assault.
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Pitfalls When Divorcing A BPD Spouse

DEAN TONG’S new monograph PITFALLS WHEN DIVORCING A BPD SPOUSE is now available for sale for $11.00 (incl. S&H). LOVE & LOATHING, which Dean Tong contributed to, is available now. Call 1-888-35-SHELL to order your copy, now.

  • Help for those falsely accused of domestic violence and/or child abuse
  • Psychological characteristics of a BPD accuser
  • Why Borderlines cannot mediate and must litigate
  • Advise on No-Fault Divorce, UCCJA and PKPA
  • UCCJA Codes and Statutes for all 50 states
  • BPD and Syndrome evidence
  • Dean Tong’s answers to non-borderlines questions


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