THIS PAGE DEDICATED TO: false abuse allegations as well as false allegations of child sexual assault.
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Don’t Blame ME, Daddy

Don’t Blame Me, Daddy

Child Abuse Books

Child abuse books

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Don’t Blame ME, Daddy provides help in distinguishing between true and false allegations of child sexual abuse. It was written to remind all Americans that not every allegation of abuse is well-founded or made in good faith.

It should be required reading for the other victims of false charges: social workers, therapists, guardians-ad-litem, attorneys, judges, teachers, police officers and lawmakers.

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Don’t Blame ME, Daddy gives insight into the courts and child protection systems… while written as a practical guide with very practical advice to the unjustly accused. It provides a valuable perspective for others involved in child custody evaluations.”

Whole Earth Review (Winter 1993)

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“Highly recommended”

Leroy Schultz,
Professor of Social Work,
West Virginia University

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“Tong’s book is a superb introduction with an eye-opening overview of abuse accusations for victims.”

Scott Owens,
Gannett News Service

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