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Dean Tong Biography

Radio biography

Dean Tong is a forensic legal consultant and author of Elusive Innocence: Survival Guide for the Falsely Accused. Dean has helped thousands of people on issues related to divorce and false abuse allegations. He’s here today to tell you how to tell if you are at risk of false abuse allegations, and how to protect yourself if you find yourself falsely accused.

Expanded biography

A noted author and forensic legal consultant on divorce and child custody issues, Dean Tong found himself falsely accused of sexually abusing his preschool-age daughter during a contentious divorce. After contesting the charges, he was arrested on a capital felony charge and jailed. He was barred from seeing his children for 14 months pending trial. The charges were later dismissed.

Since that time, Dean Tong has become the nation’s leading expert on divorce and false abuse allegations. His personal experience and background in research has enabled Dean Tong to advise thousands of parents and others as a forensic legal consultant on family law issues. Dean Tong has lived the life of family man with a wife and children, only to see that life torn apart by untrue allegations that he abused his only daughter. He was thrown in jail, forced to hire attorneys and undergo psychological and polygraph testing, all of which cost him $150,000 and 10 years of his life.

Having seen the seedy underbelly of divorce law, Dean Tong decided to work to reform the system that tore his life apart. Today, Dean Tong has written three books, including Elusive Innocence: Survival Guide for the Falsely Accused. In addition to his writing, Dean Tong serves as a legal consultant and helps men, women and children who are wrongly or maliciously accused of physical or sexual abuse vindicate themselves of the false charges.

His clients include lawyers, parents and childless men and women who seek advice on divorce-related issues. Among the issues on which Dean Tong consults are parental alienation syndrome (PAS), sexual allegations in divorce (SAID), borderline personality disorder, false allegations of spousal abuse and other strategic deceptions employed by former spouses and divorce attorneys to gain an upper hand in legal negotiations.

In all of his work, Dean Tong seeks to use scientific evidence to demonstrate the verifiable innocence of his clients. Dean Tong firmly believes that those guilty of child abuse – as well as those who maliciously bring forth false allegations of abuse — should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. He will only consult with parties who agree to participate fully in scientifically valid testing to prove their innocence.

Dean Tong has consulted national and regional media on high profile cases including Michael Jackson, Jon Benet Ramsey, Elian Gonzalez and Woody Allen. He has appeared on TV, radio and newspapers including CNN, Court TV and the Boston Globe.

Dean Tong resides in Tampa Bay, Florida. He holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and pre-medicine from Northeastern University and is a master’s candidate in child forensic studies at the university of Portsmouth and Leeds, England.