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Dear Producer:

Did you know that you are one phone call from losing your job, your reputation, your freedom and your friends and family?

Even if you do not have children of your own, all it takes is one well intentioned but baseless call to child protective services to destroy your good name. You could be branded a wife beater, a child abuser… or worse: a child molester. Would you know how to clear your good name from such accusations?

Dean Tong, noted author and forensic legal consultant on divorce and custody issues, had it all: a wife, two children and a career. Then, facing a contentious divorce, he found himself confronted by an unsubstantiated complaint by his estranged wife that he had sexually abused his preschool-age daughter. After contesting the charges, he was arrested on a capital felony charge and jailed. He was barred from seeing his children for 14 months pending trial. The charges were later dismissed.

Although Tong was innocent, it took a 10-year battle waged in six different courts to prove it. His quest to vindicate his name cost him $150,000 in attorneys, psychologists, polygraph and psycho-sexual testing. “Proving innocence requires a commitment to the truth,” Tong said. “You must be willing to undergo a battery of psychological exams, hire competent counsel and impeach the credibility of your accuser.”

Dean Tong is not alone. Each year, more than 3 million cases of suspected child abuse are reported to authorities. Studies by the Child Welfare League and American Enterprise Institute found that 60 to 70 percent of all child-abuse cases are false or unfounded. “Child abuse is the only crime for which police will file a police report without proof of a crime or naming the accuser,” Tong said. “If we required the same concern for accuracy in reporting child abuse as other types of crimes, we would see far fewer innocent people falsely persecuted. More important, cases of actual abuse would be given the full attention they deserve and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

As a forensic legal consultant, Tong provides counsel to thousands of parents falsely accused of abuse or domestic violence. “We cannot guarantee justice for children who suffer at the hands of pedophiles and child abusers until we rid the system of false and unfounded allegations of abuse,” Tong said. Tong qualifies as an expert in false abuse allegations under Florida Statute Ch. 90.702 and under Federal Rule of Evidence 702. He has also qualified and appeared as an expert witness in West Virginia and Iowa.

Engaging and informative, Tong can discuss:

Telltale signs that you may be at risk for false accusations of child abuse – take the Tong Test and know your odds.


The one fatal flaw guaranteed to render you helpless when faced with malicious allegations of sexual abuse – and how to fight back.


Why both men and women are at risk for false allegations of abuse during a divorce.


How laws aimed at child protection and no-fault divorce have caused abuse allegations to skyrocket.


Who lies to law enforcement about child abuse – and why.


The best way to confront and refute false allegations of domestic violence and child abuse.


What percentages of women versus men find themselves falsely accused of physical child abuse, neglect, and failure to protect – the answer will surprise you.


How to tell between actual cases and fabricated charges of parental sexual abuse.


Which states allow psychological experts supporting false abuse allegations while refusing to allow experts supporting the innocence of the accused.

A guest on numerous national radio and TV programs, including CNN, FOX News, Court TV, The Montel Williams Show and others, Tong has also been quoted in numerous national newspapers and magazines, in addition to authoring three books on divorce and child abuse, including Elusive Innocence, a guidebook for fighting false abuse allegations. He has served as a media consultant for such widely publicized cases as Jon Benet Ramsey, Elian Gonzalez, Michael Jackson and Woody Allen. As the nation’s leading expert on divorce and family issues, Tong has helped parents in all 50 states with custody issues, false allegations of abuse and domestic violence issues.

Dean Tong is now available for print, radio and TV interviews. Please contact him directly to arrange a time for interview.

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