THIS PAGE DEDICATED TO: false abuse allegations as well as false allegations of child sexual assault.
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The Abuse of Errors

Most abuse allegations are unfounded and false. For the past 15 years, author and forensic legal consultant Dean Tong has consulted with thousands of victims of false and unfounded allegations of child abuse. Dean Tong believes that criminals who prey on children should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. He also believes that “society cannot put an end to child abuse until it first eliminates false and unfounded allegations of abuse.” In doing so, Dean Tong says society will allow law enforcement to devote its full resources to “investigating and locking up those who seek to harm our greatest asset: our children. Before we can reform the child welfare system, it is important to understand it.

What the high percentage of untrue abuse allegations mean to society:

1. Innocent people are brought under scrutiny and falsely labeled as abusers.

2. Squandered taxpayer dollars spent investigating baseless accusations.

3. Children are forced unnecessarily to participate in lengthy and intrusive psychological exams, “therapies” and legal proceedings.

How to fix the system:

1. Eliminate anonymous reporting of abuse.

2. Require abusers provide evidence of their allegations.

3. Use age-appropriate interview techniques.

4. Take steps to limit bias by interviewers who might wish to only seek evidence that confirms a complaint of child abuse.

5. Use statistically valid research methods for investigating abuse.

6. Create a federally funded task force of well-trained investigators to examine the ever-increasing number of unfounded and false abuse allegations, and to recommend changes in public policy.