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References and Testimonials

May 1, 2006

My Experience with Dean Tong

I wanted none of these things to happen. So I fought back with all the financial, physical, emotional, and mental resources I have. This meant hiring Dean Tong as a consultant. His service was valuable in many ways, including:

Referrals to top attorneys. Dean knew of an attorney in my area who has experience in winning these types of cases. Hence, I switched attorneys. Not only did my new attorney win, but he now he says I have a good chance of gaining primary custody of my children.
Referrals for psychosexual testing. Dean can refer you to get tested by some of the top professionals in the country. In my case, I was tested and the psychologist was able to write me a positive report. The psychologist was also available to testify.


Referrals to other experts. Other experts include, but are not limited to, forensic pediatricians and psychologists.
Help in case law. Dean would e-mail or phone my attorney with case law applicable to my legal situation. This would help my attorney with my defense.
Dean gives his opinions on legal strategies based on his many years of experience in this field. He would even give, in a respectful manner, opinions that differed from that of my attorney. These opinions would help my attorney make well informed decisions, and make him think about something he may have not thought of without Dean.
Helping keep your attorney on his or her toes. I don’t think this applied to my situation, but I can see how having someone like Dean e-mailing, phoning with case law and giving his opinions on strategy keeps your attorney on his or her toes and not see your case as “just another case.”
Psychological and emotional support. One of the harmful effects of false allegations of sexual abuse that cannot be avoided is the psychological and emotional toll that a false allegation of sexual abuse places on the individual being accused. To help mitigate the damage, it is very beneficial to talk to people. But because of the nature of the allegations, you’ll find that there’s a very limited number of people you can talk to. Dean is another person you can bring into your small circle of confidants to talk about your situation. Not only will he listen, but he will offer advice and solutions.
24/7 support. Dean is very good about talking on the phone. Most times I called, he answered and was able to listen and give me ideas as well. He’s also very good about e-mailing, often e-mailing responses within minutes of me sending the e-mail

Q & A

Can hiring a consultant make a difference? Absolutely! And in my case, it did.

What about the geographic barriers? Before I hired Dean, this was a concern as he resides in Florida and I live in Southern California. However, this was never an issue. We conference called with my attorney, talked on the phone and e-mailed each other many times all making the geographic distance a non-issue.

Is it expensive hiring someone like Dean? In my opinion, it’s not. I say this comparing how much it would have cost me, both financially and emotionally, if a verdict was given that did not reflect the truth. My thinking was it’s better to pay a little now, than a lot later. The potentially devastating effects of a false allegation are too expensive to think otherwise.

Michael Lyman
[email protected]

March 7, 2006

“I have known Dean Tong to appropriately select the right psychological expert in my case and his report was extremely useful in my cases. Mr. Tong knows how to blend the world of forensic science to the law and makes this knowledge available to the court system. He does legal research on laws pertaining to every state in the U.S. The services of Mr. Dean Tong blended with the services of your attorney will make a perfect combination. I highly recommend the services of Mr. Dean Tong as a Forensic Trial Consultant and he should be retained on Day 1 of your false allegation of child abuse or domestic violence case or anticipated high conflict divorce/child custody dispute.”

Azber Ansar, M.D.
St. Paul, Minnesota
[email protected]

## ## ##

I have found Mr. Tong very helpful in a number of my cases and all that he has been involved in have had successful results.

Ken Ray, Esq – (Criminal Defense Attorney – Arizona)
928-717-8352 or [email protected]

August 12, 2005


I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the assistance you provide for people falsely accused of abusing their children. As a child that has had the unfortunate experience to grow up from that situation, I know that you can make a large difference. My mother falsely accused my father of sexual abuse when I was roughly 3, in order to gain custody in the early 1980′s. It worked, and I just met my father for the first time in 20 years in 2004. He and his family are wonderful people.

Tragically, the type of people who create these lies are the type of people who can’t let them die either. I, like many, was raised believing the lies.

The children are the true victims of their parents’ selfishness. I thank you for being able to make a difference to people going through similar things.

Thank You,

Corinne Carlson – A Child Victim of False Allegations
[email protected]

July 6, 2005

Dean provided me excellent resources around bringing hard science into my case. Doing the testing and having his expertise at my ready was a significant benefit to my mental well being and to my legal case. I slept much easier once I engaged Dean. You want to cover your flank when dealing with borderline types, and Dean will help you do that. Even if my case settles tomorrow, I still have the test results for years to come to cover my backside should an allegation arise. The $$ spent on Dean and the testing is the best I ever spent.

Dean has tons of research and legal knowledge at his finger tips and shares it readily. I have been amazed at Dean’s willingness to make himself available, morning, noon, and night, 7/24, holidays, whenever, to answer my calls and e-mails. The man never sleeps. He’s provided me info on PAS, SAID, custody plans, parenting plan research, you name it. The man is a walking font of information.

Richard Boucher, Oregon
[email protected]

June 1, 2005

Dean Tong is the best person to have on your team. In an ugly case, he is vital and both a source of guidance, experience and friendship. Dean has been a rock for Bridget Marks and an invaluable asset for me. He is available at any time and always responds expeditiously with advice that is relevant, on-point and most informative and persuasive in Court. For example on the Marks case, Dean was the first “consultant” we worked with and actually facilitated bringing on other nationally renowned and credible experts to our team. These other experts respect Dean and will join a cause if he advocates for the cause and client.

I really and most wholeheartedly cannot express how important and vital Dean and his participation in a case can be. I continue to work with Dean and fully intend on continuing with him in the future. His knowledge in the law and subject matter is unmatched. Moreover, he can and does offer personal support based upon his personal experiences which is invaluable.

My advice for you in dealing with Dean and his colleagues is to listen to their advice and trust in their guidance. I can answer any additional questions via phone, 212 867-1100. You will not regret working with Dean.

“As always, enjoy working with you.”
Tom Shanahan, Esq., [email protected]

February 16, 2005

If you use Dean, you can quickly make sure her accusations backfire against HER. As you know, the BPs are very manipulative, and could be smiling at you while her attorney or somebody else is about to devastate you with some crazy accusation. I waited to hire Dean because I was still sucked in to believing my abusive psycho was going to come back again, and get help. It has been a very expensive mistake, as Dean would have helped my first attorney properly litigate many issues up front to prevent me from losing jurisdiction in my home state.

As a result of not hiring Dean in the beginning, I have been fighting 2 years, had to get a new, aggressive attorney, and just now got back to where we started. By bringing Dean in to put the crazy war in focus for my attorney, my new attorney was finally successful in eliminating the biased custody evaluator, who did not do his job from the beginning. This was done through me establishing innocence by complete psychological/psychosexual testing by one of Dean’s experts, having an expert critique the custody evaluator, and deposing previous therapists who testified my wife was told she needed help. Even still, with my ex- denying every visitation, the judge was going to take it to trial just because she is the mom. My attorney was ready to appeal on the motion to eliminate the evaluator, made the judge watch every minute of the expert’s testimony to get it in record, and she came out and granted new custody evaluations. This would have never happened without Dean’s instructions.

So… I guess what I’m saying is:

Hire Dean immediately (I had to get a loan)
Quit writing about your personal situation on public lists (she will find it)
Get tested by his experts to establish your innocence
Conference Dean in with your attorney; use your testing as the platform to impeach her credibility as a delusional accuser

Ken Sharp
703-338-6969 (cell)
[email protected]

November 19, 2004

“Navigating yourself through treacherous waters at night is dangerous and should be left to professionals only. With a false allegation on the table, not having a Forensic Consultant guiding your ship is just as dangerous (legal suicide). Mr. Tong was with me every step of the way and always took the time to help me understand. Thank you Dean Tong for all you do. I have my family back!”

Rick Anderson
New Port Richey, Florida
[email protected]

October 13, 2004

Dear Mr. Tong:
What does one say to a Man who has spearheaded a Dream Team that literally saved my life? First, I want to Thank You from the bottom of my heart and soul! I am humbled by your dedication and excellent efforts on my behalf. I implore anyone involved in these types of cases to secure your book (Elusive Innocence) and secure your services, immediately! The lives of our children and ourselves are at stake.

Mr. Tong, you will always be in my prayers, and you are doing the Lord’s work in bringing Families back together and seeing that Justice is served and bringing Injustice to light. God Bless You!

Saved Twice, Alexander Ramsey
[email protected]

September 15, 2004

“Dean Tong is very knowledgeable and has been a godsend for my case.”

Bridget Marks (As Seen on Dr. Phil)
[email protected]

September 9, 2004

Hi Dean:

It’s been a wild 48 hours here in Kansas. The girls admitted to Susan Alexander in their last therapy session that they lied about all of the allegations and made up the allegations because they were upset with something I did. Whether that is true or not I don’t know, but all allegations of sexual abuse have been thrown out and the girls removed from Travis and Tammy’s home. Since then, Susan Alexander has asked to be “removed” of the situation, and will no longer be seeing the girls.

I am certain however, that things would not have happened if you had not made us realize we needed a new lawyer, and led us down the path to test with your experts, which ultimately led to the demise of this so-called therapist Susan Alexander, and all allegations of abuse.

I’ll always be thankful for your help, even though I know we are far from done here, I can at least begin to see a little light at the end of the tunnel for the first time in quite a few months.

We’ll keep you updated as things happen here..Thanks again for all your help so far, I’m forever grateful…

Mike Ross
[email protected]

March 13, 2004

Dean Tong’s ABC Primetime Thursday Client Says –

“I am a 51 year old attorney who was wrongfully accused, convicted and incarcerated in 1998 for having abused my four natural-born children, two boys and two girls, then between the ages of 2-7 years old. I was incarcerated for a little more than four years in the penitentiary system in Virginia. After subsequently obtained evidence was found concerning my first child abuse conviction, I was fully exonerated of all charges in a second jury trial in late 2002, and am now seeking to re-obtain my law license.

My original attorneys were found to have violated my sixth amendment right to effective assistance of counsel. They failed to properly discover key notes that my estranged wife wrote for, or directed with, the children. These notes were made before police interviews of my children, telling my children what to say to inculpate me. These notes were deemed to be highly suggestive and were crucial to the second jury’s finding of “not guilty” in my criminal case.

Also crucial in my second criminal trial was the sage advice provided by Mr. Dean Tong, my trial consultant, who worked alongside my criminal attorneys. Mr. Tong worked to line up expert witnesses in the medical and suggestibility areas, he anticipated prosecutorial actions, and provided key defensive maneuvers in this highly specialized type of case.

Also, Mr. Tong helped me literally “prove my innocence” in subsequent civil court processes which I have instituted to reintegrate myself back into my children’s lives. Of particular note was Dean Tong’s advise to undergo psychosexual testing, including a penile plethysmograph test (“penile polygraph”), which I underwent on a live ABC Primetime broadcast conducted by a recognized national expert. Thanks in large part to Mr. Tong’s fine advise, I have been awarded joint legal and physical custody of my children, just one year after I was languishing in a jail cell.”

Bruce McLaughlin,
[email protected]

March 11, 2004

“You will be gratified to know that your assistance and suggestions to date have proven very useful. I am relieved to inform you that the 3rd complaint launched at our mutual client was deemed ‘unfounded’ by Loudon County Virginia CPS. This makes the third time that a CPS agency here in Northern Virginia has investigated our client – all unfounded.”

John Bauserman, Jr., Esq.,
[email protected]

January 27, 2004

“You have provided us with the tools to win this custody battle by directing things from behind the scenes. The others who are visible get all of the attention, but you are the one that deserves special attention. Thanks for all of your guidance on our case. Words cannot express my gratitude to you.”

Ralph Freedman, California,
[email protected]

January 23, 2004

“I hope each innocent dad who goes through this finds your work as vital as we did, and I hope you know there are people out there like me whose depth of appreciation for your work can’t easily be expressed.”

Krista Boaz, Texas,
[email protected]

January 22, 2004

“Dean Tong is a superb consultant and an invaluable aid to attorneys. He has written several books on false allegations and PAS; but, more important, he’s a tireless and knowledgeable fighter for justice. He knows the scientific literature on sex and physical abuse and can furnish attorneys with treatises and papers that really help in defending the falsely accused. He is an invaluable source in identifying expert witnesses.

So, I would encourage people to consider hiring Mr. Tong as a consultant.”

Bob Gidding, Esq., (Attorney-at-Law)
[email protected]

January 17, 2004

“My wife could not comply with the supervised visitation which was set up as a result of the custody evaluation which granted me sole custody. Thanks for getting my case targeted in the correct direction which took me from being underdog to taking full control.”

Kennneth Schweizer, D.D.S.
Clearwater, FL
[email protected]

December 11, 2003

“Thanks! Your work was the deciding factor. I look forward to working with you again!”

Mark Bockstein, Esq.
8751 W. Broward Blvd.
Suite 305
Plantation, FL 33324
[email protected]

Sept. 17, 2003

“I thank you for your great services and surely appreciate all of your help.”

Tomoslav Novosel
Lawrence County, PA
[email protected]

Sept. 17, 2003

“You were a saviour during my trials and tribulations. Because of your help all criminal charges against me were dropped.”

Ron Woody
Ft. Bragg, NC

February 18, 2003

“As an attorney practicing in juvenile law for the last 12 1/2 years, I can safely say that I have never had any one person be so helpful to a case or the administration of justice as Dean Tong. With his expert consultation and advice, including a real knack for finding the world’s best experts for evaluations and testimony, Dean Tong has been a great help to me in fighting against a system which is inherently stacked against the accused.

Dean Tong should receive an award for exceptional service in protecting the innocent and helping children by allowing them the opportunity to maintain meaningful contact with their falsely accused parent.”


Timothy L. Lapointe
Attorney at Law
Mason City, Iowa
[email protected]

October 9, 2002

“I did not get in contact with Dean Tong until after I was falsely accused of child abuse — more than 9 months after my ordeal with CHIPS involvement started. And all I can say is that I wish I would have contacted him 9 months sooner. If I did so, I probably could have successfully averted the last 4 months of my ordeal.

Dean can glean the pillars (and pitfalls) of your case quickly through his questionaire, and get things moving in the right direction fast. Speed is of the essence in these situations. I am sure, in retrospect, that there were at least a dozen people working on ways to frame me up in the last year.

Dean is not an attorney (as I’ve heard my attorneys say several times in the last 9 months) but he has a wealth of experiences in these types of cases that no attorney can match. And I would trust his opinion as highly as any attorney I’ve talked to about the juvenile code (and I’ve talked with more than a dozen attorneys in the past year).

His numerous books are excellent as well. They gave me a crash course in CHIPS and the art of false accusation, as its being played by numerous divorcees throughout the country. The anecdotes are helpful. To realize that there are others out there who have gone through a similar ordeal as I, provides some comfort and satisfaction.

The idea of compiling some of Dean’s work into a quick reference, “Juvenile Code for Dummies” is not a bad idea at all. Almost no one in the lay public knows anything about these matters — until they themselves are dragged in, like I was. And believe me, once this thing is over, you won’t see me volunteering to talk about it at parties and social gatherings.

I am amazed how few people that I have met know what CHIPS is. And these days if you have children and are involved in a divorce, you better get a crash course from Dean.”

Greg Schulz, M.D.
[email protected]

August 22, 2002

“We feel fortunate to have him on our side. Whenever we need Mr. Tong he responds immediately. I would recommend Mr. Tong’s services to anyone who needs an honest professional helper with an excellent knowledge and familiarity with the American Court System”

Dr. Eleonora Drechsel,
Mothers Protecting Children, Inc

February 28, 2002

“Retaining Dean Tong in my case was the smartest choice I ever made. Like most people who have had the misfortune of being falsely accused in a SAID case, I found myself in a situation where I had little knowledge of what do, how to defend myself, and how to disprove the allegations. I had no idea of what to expect from the law enforcement agencies, or how to deal with them. Dean had a game plan, and right away he put me in touch with the experts who were able to present concrete scientific evidence of my innocence. His expertise and contacts were invaluable to me. I would recommend Dean’s services as a consultant to anyone facing serious accusations of abuse. At the very least, getting your hands on one of his books should be the first thing you do if you are falsely accused.”

Elon, NC
[email protected]

December 27, 2001

“I, as you are, was deep into vindication of the sins committed against my children and myself simply four months ago. I answered Dean Tong’s questionaire and he responded. I had been accused of being “sexually inappropriate” with my daughter two months prior to the final hearing of a simple disputed-custody divorce case. I had immediately volunteered for a State Police Polygraph. I had passed the first test.

From that questionaire, I talked to Dean on the telephone. He asked me if I was “clean”? I replied that I was. He asked me if I was ready to prove it. I replied that I was.

From that point in time, when I retained Dean as the Quarterback of my Counsel, I have made amazing progress. The test results of the professionals that he directed me towards returned “sterling and benign.”

We prepared our case for Court. Dean requested and read 1,350 pages of Court Documents that I had collected during the four years that I have lived as being “guilty until proven innocent”. During those four months prior to trial, there were a total of 232 e-mails between Dean, the Professionals he led me to, and myself. Dean availed himself to no less than one dozen one-hour phonecalls in his effort to guide and advise me.

Dean, and the Professionals, came to small-town West Virginia to testify in early December, 2001. Dean was tendered as an expert based upon his CV, the three books that he has authored, and his memorization of the 1,350 pages of court documents of my case.

I have not seen my daughter in over 40 months. For the first time since 1997, I have finally been awarded an “overnight” with my two sons. For the first time since 1997, I have put up and decorated a Christmas Tree. For the first time in four years, I have a shred of hope of seeing my Daughter again.

For the first time in my life (I have never been involved in any court battles before this one) I feel that I have been accurately represented. For the first time in my life, I feel that I have received what I have paid for. For the first time in my life, I know that a complete stranger is “in my corner.”

Do not ask Dean to Quarterback your team if you are not “clean.” Those of us that are do not want his network of experts to be sullied by the dirty ones. Call on Dean if you are clean. Otherwise, call on someone else.”

Robert S. Drake
[email protected]

October 2, 2001

Dear Mr. Tong:

The hearing to clear Kyle was on Friday 9/28/01. He was exonerated! No one had to testify although we were all there for Kyle. The hearing consisted of Attny Mike Gough, the attny for Children & Youth, Dr. Talenti (emergency room Dr.) phone testimony only and the Hearing Officer. Kyle, Joe, my family and myself greatly appreciate your counsel and support.

Judy Seip,
[email protected]

September 29, 2001

“Dear Mr. Tong:
Good news. Thanks to your help, the case against Ron Samuel was dismissed by the DCF. Thank you for your help.”

Steven Lieberman
Attorney at law
Miami, Florida
[email protected]

June 5, 2001

Dear Dean,

GOOD NEWS: The attorney Jabar, that I went to because a referral of yours, actually a referral of a referral, Mr. Jabar had told me, after reading over Dorothy’s statement about my wife calling her and saying she lied me into jail, Mr. Jabar had said take the info on my own to the DA.

To make a long story short… Davis did not get back to me… after 2 weeks… I then called Mitchell… he refused an appointment… wanted me set for guilty… Went to his elected Boss, Crook,… talked to Crook,… showed the evidence… long discussion…

Conclusion: He could see that I was telling the truth. He knew Dorothy was the daughter of a minister and was telling the truth, and that also she was the mother of a Sheriff, and was indeed truthful… he therefore:


He wrote a statement to that affect right in front of me.

So case is closed !

God bless you very much Dean for getting the RIGHT attorney !!! It took time, and we went through a heck of a lot of them, but Mr. Jabar was a gift from God, and so were YOU !!!

Take care !

By the way, Mr. Jabar was the BOSS of Crook YEARS ago in the county system. What a coincidence or another act of God !!! So Crook KNEW Jabar was truthful and knew Jabar could have won the case if he wanted to.

That is it for now Dean.
God bless !

Now onto the divorce trial , April 11th. (April 5th I have to show up to hear from the judge that the case is dismissed.)

God bless again !

John Kossowan
Augusta, Maine

December 5, 2000

“I was falsely accused four times of molesting my son. I had gone through a full-blown trial and the judge had refused to exonerate me. Shortly after the trial two more accusations were made. I was at a complete loss of how to respond. My sister found Mr. Tong’s website and after speaking to him suggested I call him. After explaining my situation to Mr. Tong, he agreed to become involved in my case. His involvement was critical. He operates behind the scenes by providing a roadmap to redemption that includes assembling a team of experts that specializes in fighting false allegations. Within a few months, my new team was able to secure a new trial and indications are that the judge will find as a “Finding of Fact” that I did not molest my son. It is not sufficient to know in your own mind that you did not do anything. It is not sufficient for Social Services to find “Insufficient Evidence” exists to find you guilty. Without a court ruling clearing your name this issue will never go away. Mr. Tong is the conduit for accomplishing this.”

Alex Wright
[email protected]

September 1, 2000

“When one comes across Dean Tong it most likely will be during one of the worst experiences in your life. We are a blended family who has worked very hard to fit together only to be torn apart by what I’ve come to know as THE ABUSE-EXCUSE. Dean Tong is not only your only hope in an ever unfair battle, but a compassionate professional. He provided us with valuable information and contacts that we would have not found otherwise. He responded to our family and individual case with concentration, effort and experience without hesitation.

I know that no one can truly help without having gone through this type of nightmare themselves. Dean Tong offered everything he promises and more – he has a honest, supporting approach. He will tell it to you straight – he does not give false hope or try to pretend this is not real and completely serious. I felt an immediate trust that I have yet to find with any attorney I have had thus far.

I fully recommend Dean’s services without reservation. My only regret is that we had not found him sooner and I very much wish he was an attorney himself !!

The Deininger Family
East Stroudsburg, PA

“Thank you for your help and support. We could not have done it without you. You guided us in the right direction, and we were really impressed by your knowledge of events as they are and even before they happened. You were a God send.”

Rhonda Kinsey, for my husband Bobby Kinsey
[email protected]

“Dean has been a pioneer in this area. You can never go wrong by listening to what he has to say. His advice will help dig you out.”

Pastor Roby Roberson of the Wenatchee Witch Hunt (WA)
[email protected]

“My daughter told me in December 1999 while I had the children for Christmas break, that a relative at her fathers home was fondling her. I found Mr. Dean Tong through his internet site, At first, he didn’t seem like the kind of person who could help me. After all, I believed my daughter, and had no interest in trying to prove someone was ‘falsely accused.’ I called Mr. Tong anyway, thinking that if he knows the game he could play it from either side of the court. I was right! In this short time he has given me the tools and confidence I needed to proceed with protecting my children. Dean has proven himself to me and I can tell you that he is an honest, competent individual who truly cares about you and the damage being done to our nations families.”

Gail Valenzuela
[email protected]

“It is my opinion that Dean Tong is one of the foremost authorities in this country on false allegations of abuse, false memory syndromes and their underlying dynamics, especially as these relate to Borderline Personality Disorder. I have verified much of his research on my own and found it to be accurate as he represented it.”

Alan Cheek, [email protected]

“I would strongly reccomend that any lawyer or litigant involved in a custody battle with SAID Syndrome implications immediately contact Dean Tong, the sooner the better. His referreals to the leading experts in the field of false allegations of sexual abuse early in the case are one of the few life-lines available to the falsely accused. And for lawyers, the reference material with which he will supply you will help you hit the road running if you are not as up-to date as you would like to be on the psycho-sexual litertaure and tests available in SAID Syndrome cases.”

Steven P. Combs, Esquire
Family Law Lawyer, Jacksonville, Florida
[email protected]

Dear Mr. Tong:

We received your recommendations re: Tom Lahey Divorce/Custody case. On behalf of Tom and all his family and friends, thank you very, very much for your valuable work on Tom’s behalf. We are studying your recommendations and will be pursuing them.

You have given us a plan of action and a “dream team”. For the first time in many months I feel we have a real chance of helping Tom defend himself against these malicious charges, as well as saving his children.

Once again, many thanks.

Elaine & Richard Lahey

“In the unspeakable hell of false allegations of child abuse, Dean Tong’s consultative services are indispensable, not only for true victims (children and parents), but for attorneys – who are mostly unprepared, inexperienced and uneducated in dealing with the impending avalanche.”

Yevrah Ornstein (CA)

“Dean and his people are the best at what they do. He made me aware of so much that wasn’t being done, that should have been done. His help is invaluable. I really think Dean is one of the best you can hire in the area of false allegations.”

Corey Galvin (IA)
[email protected]

Mr. Tong, THE CHILDREN ARE COMING HOME!!!! We’ve waited for this day for 6 1/2 months! The charges were dismissed by DSS today via letter to Danah’s attorney. The court date is scheduled for 1/22/99 when the judge will make it official. This has been an ordeal for Danah as well as all her family, not to mention what they have done to the children. I don’t know if Laurie has told you but she is expecting a baby. She has been afraid to let anyone know because of DSS. Now we can also celebrate the coming of her child!!!

From the entire Roberson/Brannock family… THANK YOU!

Danah, Kellianne, Dylon Phelps and Kacey Varner
Margie and Clarence Roberson
Laurie and William Brannock, [email protected]

“Just wanted to share a bit of good news with everyone… my fiance, who hasn’t been allowed to see or talk to his daughters for over a year, will now get phone visitation twice a week!!! It’s a start. A special thanks to Dean Tong and to our attorney, Tony Schwab, of Stuart, Florida… I thank God everyday for their expertise and sound advice.”

Marty Rapert, 3-14-00.


If you, or your attorney, are interested in retaining Dean Tong as a Consultant on your false abuse allegations and/or child custody case, Mr. Tong requires the following:

A copy of your entire legal case file absent child support information
A Timeline, which is a dated case chronology of events
His fee, which is based upon number of court case numbers, case complexity and volume of case documents. Please call 1-800-854-0735 to inquire.

The package, consisting of the case file, timeline and fee should be FEDEX’d to Dean Tong @ 604 Brentwood Place – Brandon, FL 33511.

DISCLAIMER: Dean Tong is not an Attorney. His advise and suggestions should be brought to the attention of your lawyer. And, he will be indemnified and held harmless in the event you do not win your case.
In the past several years Dean Tong has consulted on and critiqued abuse and/or child custody cases from all 50 states: AK, AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA , HI, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, MS, MT, NC, ND, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NV, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WA, WI, WV, WY.

Has the state child “protective” services agency kidnapped your children and the clock is ticking against you?


Have you been accused of physical and/or sexual abuse and your wife “failure to protect”?


Have you been railroaded by your borderline estranged-to-be spouse and the system?


Are you involved in a protracted child custody battle and getting nowhere?

If any of the above scenarios even comes close to your case, Dean Tong can help! Tong offers his phone consultative services for a flat fee of $100 with no minimum time alottment. We accept all major credit cards for this service. Please call Dean Tong at 813-657-4930 and receive the direction and guidance your case deserves from an expert. to order your Trial Talk With Tong. On a limited basis, Mr. Tong now accepts major credit cards as compensation for his court case consultation/expert witness services. Click on the above hot link or e-mail him at [email protected] if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.

Mr. Tong now accepts the following major credit cards as compensation for rendering his consultative and expert witness services: VISA – MASTER CARD – AMERICAN EXPRESS – DISCOVER

This transaction is a safe and secure one that is processed by USA ePay

Dean Tong
604 Brentwood Place
Brandon, Florida 33511
Voice: 727.819.3993
Cell: 813.417.5362